Canadian Company Convicted and Fined for Worker Injury

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Canadian Company Convicted and Fined for Worker Injury

A Mississauga, Ontario, company, Santoro Construction Ltd., was convicted and fined  in connection with a worker injury incident in 2016.

The incident involved a worker employed by GMJ Electric, Inc. Santoro had contracted with GMJ Electric Inc. to complete all electrical projects at a job site in Toronto.

Two GMJ employees were tying in and labeling electrical wiring in the ceiling of a renovated office area. One worker, standing on a 10-foot ladder, fell while reaching above the grid of the drop ceiling. He suffered critical head injuries as a result of the fall.

As per the Occupational Health and Safety Act (OHSA), the constructor must provide for the worker a scaffold, a suspended work platform, a boatswain’s chair, or a multi-point suspended work platform when the worker cannot complete the work on or from the ground without hazard to workers.

Santoro failed to provide any such equipment for this job. The company pleaded guilty and  was fined $90,000.

GMJ is scheduled to go to court this month in relation to this incident.

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    I don’t understand what the hazard was that the ladder was not suitable for.

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