Arcwear & FlashCert Will be at 2015 A+A Safety Conference in Germany

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Arcwear & FlashCert Will be at 2015 A+A Safety Conference in Germany

Hugh Hoagland and most of the ArcWear team will be going to Düsseldorf, Germany, later this month for the A+A International Trade Fair and Congress with BTTG (British Textile Testing Group).

The A+A Trade Fair and Congress will take place October 27-30, 2015. It will boast 5 keynote presentations as well as 350 high-profile speakers from Germany and abroad. The topics to be discussed include hazard assessment, psychological health at work, PPE, and social responsibilities of companies.

There will be a poster exhibition in the foyer of CCD Stadhalle. These posters will display research and project results performed by various groups. On Wednesday and Thursday, the authors of the posters will be available to talk with visitors attending the conference. A Congress or Trade Fair ticket is necessary for admission to this event.

Another aspect of the conference will be the A+A Fashion Show. As PPE becomes more prevalent in the workplace and workers are being educated on the necessity of wearing appropriate PPE during specific jobs, those having to wear PPE are making their desires concerning style and comfort known. Companies are listening to these demands and are making protective clothing using newer fabrics and innovative techniques that provide increased comfort and style.  The A+A Fashion Show is an opportunity for companies to highlight their products. The show is available to watch four different times of each day of the conference in an open air area at Hall 4.


Hugh Hoagland

does research and testing of PPE exposed to electrical arcs and is an arc flash expert. Hugh is a Sr. Consultant at ArcWear and Sr. Partner at e-Hazard. Read more about Hugh.

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