Electrical Maintenance Practices

Based on NFPA 70B and ANSI/NETA MTS

8-Hour Course


This class is designed to increase the understanding of maintenance as it applies to electrical equipment. Maintenance is a part of the life cycle of equipment, and predictive maintenance can have a direct impact on electrical safety. This course covers key aspects of an Electrical Maintenance Program, the newest technologies and safety applications.


  • Current NFPA 70B, Recommended Practice for Electrical Equipment Maintenance
  • Current ANSI/NETA Maintenance Testing Specifications (MTS)
  • Current IEEE Standards: 3007.1, 3007.2, 493 (Gold Book)


  • e-Hazard Electrical Maintenance Practices Workbook, NFPA 70B, and ANSI/NETA MTS

• Electrical Maintenance Program and
Personnel Safety

• Failure Rates and Causation

• EM: Preventive vs. EM: Predictive

• Thermal Imaging
        o Methods and Result Interpretation
• Ultrasonic Electrical Inspection
        o High Voltage Pre-Failure Detection
        o UE System Technology
        o Arcing, Tracking and Corona Detection
• Motor Analysis
        o Temperature Monitoring
        o Vibration Analysis
        o Oil Analysis
        o Running Current
        o Insulation Resistance Measurement
        o Polarization Index

• Molded Case, Vacuum and Oil Circuit Breakers
• Battery Systems
• Air Disconnect Switches
• Ground/Ground Grid System Testing

• Incorporating “safety-by-design” approaches
• NPFA 70E approaches

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