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Arc Flash Services

e-Hazard is a company committed to bring valuable information to people who have lives to live. We offer services including written electrical safety review, arc flash hazard assessment and electrical safety program audits.
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Let e-Hazard conduct an inspection to identify key areas of compliance relating to documents and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). In conjuction with training, our team will visit your workplace to evaluate your Personal Protective Equipment program and work practices.
70E Compliance Audit
Does your company policy require NFPA 70E® compliance? Has it been longer than 5 years since your company has been audited? If the answer to one or both of those questions is “yes,” e-Hazard’s 70E® Compliance Audit is designed to meet your needs. Let us help you make sure your company is compliant with current NFPA and OSHA standards.
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Let our team of professionals help you develop a plan for your written electrical safety program. After talking with key members of your staff and visiting your workplace, e-Hazard can help you create a written safety plan to follow in an effort to stay safe and compliant.
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Let our experts look over your written electrical safety program to make sure your company is in compliance with OSHA and MSHA regulations. This includes evaluating your complete written Electrical Safety Program and providing a full report upon completion.

Electrical Safety Training

e-Hazard has been the industry leader in electrical safety training since 2004. Our courses include low voltage qualified, high voltage qualified, hazardous location training, electrical grounding and bonding, Train the Trainer, and many more.

Arc Flash Studies & Analysis

OSHA requires employers to "assess the workplace for hazards." e-Hazard can provide you the information you need about your facility to ensure it meets safety requirements and protects your workforce.