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Author: Cricket Hater

I'm the New Safety Director! What Do I Do Now?

Whether you are creating an electrical safety policy from scratch or have inherited one created by someone else, e-Hazard can guide you to safety every step of the way. We have a team of experts qualified to lead you through the requirements of electrical safety in the workplace as specified by NFPA 70E and OSHA.

You may be wondering what your electrical safety needs are or how to manage them in an efficient way. Evaluating your current safety status through regular auditing, can be the first step toward safety. As the safety director, examining your safety plan can lead to discovering the need for electrical safety training, a written safety plan or an on-site visit from a qualified safety auditor. e-Hazard has the top experts in the industry to help you get your program on track and keep it there.

Your Secret Weapon for Electrical Safety

The number one responsibility of the safety director is to maintain the safest workplace environment for the workforce. This means staying on top of current safety requirements, accessing up-to-date training information and evaluating the actual safety status of your workplace through auditing.

Additionally, the safety director must maintain thorough safety policies and procedures through a written electrical safety policy and provide access to adequate and relevant electrical safety training to key personnel, department managers and any team members potentially affected by electrical safety hazards.

Balancing the duties and responsibilities that come with maintaining the utmost safety can feel overwhelming, especially considering it is literally a matter of life and death. It is a great responsibility to hold the welfare of a work team on your shoulders. It is important to be armed with resources providing answers to questions faced on a daily basis, especially in the case of an electrical safety emergency.

e-Hazard has the tools, training and team to help navigate and prepare for every situation. Consider e-Hazard your secret weapon in the fight for electrical safety.

e-Hazard Has the Solution

The services and courses offered by e-Hazard are based on the standards of NFPA 70E and OSHA requirements. Electrical safety experts at e-Hazard can customize courses to meet unique electrical safety training needs as they apply to individual companies. We offer a comprehensive selection of services and courses designed to answer the most basic to the most complex questions about your electrical safety concerns.

From reference articles and webinars you can access on-demand on our website to training materials you can add to your permanent resource library to share with your team, e-Hazard has thought of everything to answer questions like:

Our training and services have been designed with the electrical safety professional in mind, led by experts with real-world experience working around electricity. Let e-Hazard be the secret weapon on your safety team and guide you and your entire workforce to compliance and safety.


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