Arc Rated Shirts

Improve your arc flash protection by wearing arc rated t-shirts.

Video Transcript

We talk a lot about using arc-rated t-shirts in your arc rated program. One of the reasons we talk about this is it can add extra protection by putting a layer that the worker already wears, a t-shirt, underneath your arc rated shirt. It also eliminates the risk of ignition by taking out an ignitable t-shirt in that program.

By doing this, you eliminate the risk when you have an arc in a box, when you have an ejected arc, or when you have a tracking arc in high-voltage. Taking out that risk of ignition makes your worker safer. Nobody wants to police their arc rated t-shirt program, but some manufacturers have made some ways to make it easier. Some of the manufacturers have put logos in the shirt, right up front, where you can see them. Some have actually made a collar that’s a different color. This makes it easy to manage that program. See if your manufacturer has a way to manage this madness.

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