Learning Center: Electrical Safety Audits

How audits can keep workers safer and improve compliance.

The e-Hazard Safety Cycle™: Auditing

As with any important task, checking on progress is critical. The same concept applies to the e-Hazard Safety Cycle™. An audit that is utilized to determine a site’s electrical safety behavior is referred to as the Electrical Safety Audit. This audit is an opportunity to assess the company’s status in regards to adherence to specific electrical safety regulations, NFPA 70E®, and electrical best practice behaviors.

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Did Someone Say “Audit”??

I’m not going to pretend that an audit is not a stressful time for employees and supervisors. Here are some positive aspects and practical advice we can take to hopefully prevent a migraine.

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Electrical Safety Audits

Electrical safety audits ensure that your facility and team meet the NFPA 70E and OSHA requirements for compliance.

A thorough external audit will uncover gaps in processes, blind spots and work practices that may need reinforcement or have become obsolete.

e-Hazard Offers 3 Different Levels of Electrical Safety Audits

A Compliance Inspection gives you an overview of how well your company is meeting electrical safety compliance standards.
Recommended for smaller facilities that need a review of their electrical safety procedures and practices.

See Electrical Compliance Inspection Outline

Please Note: This audit is only available as an add-on to e-Hazard training and services.

Our Compliance Audit provides you with a broad snapshot and recommendations that can be deployed to meet compliance standards.
Recommended for medium-size facilities which need to improve and reinforce worker safety and meet NFPA 70E and OSHA standards.

See NFPA 70E Compliance Audit Outline

Comprehensive Electrical Safety Audit (ANSI/AIHA Z10)

An e-Hazard ANSI/AIHA Z10 audit gives you the most comprehensive assessment and recommendations to ensure worker safety and standard compliance.

Recommended for any facility looking to improve its electrical safety regimen while ensuring NFPA 70E and OSHA compliance.

Why Are Electrical Safety Audits Important?

Studies have shown that audits can improve electrical safety compliance by 40%. This alone can help save lives and reduce worker fatalities.

We use the principles of NFPA 70E as a guide during our audits. We can also use your current auditing software, such as SAP, PeopleSoft, Oracle, etc., to streamline the process.

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