Heath Garrison

Electrical Engineer

Heath joined e-Hazard in 2018 with over 20 years’ experience in the field of electrical safety. He has been the Electrical Safety Program Manager at National Renewal Energy Laboratory (NREL) in Colorado since 2015 and has been the Authority Having Jurisdiction over NFPA 70E compliance at NREL since 2013, with experience in making code-related determinations, inspecting unlisted electrical equipment and prescribing safe practices for electrical workers. Prior to joining NREL he worked for B&W Pantex in Amarillo, TX, for ten years, first as Master Electrician and then as Electrical Safety Inspector. Prior to that he worked at McCracken Electric in Amarillo as an apprentice electrician and a journeyman electrician. He is a licensed master electrician in Colorado and Texas and serves on various NFPA 70E technical committees.