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Training Week Schedule


Here’s the Train the Trainer course structure for the week.

Prior to class: Complete Homework Assignments

  • Day 1: Our expert teaches Low Voltage (LV) Course
  • Day 2: Our expert teaches High Voltage (HV) Course
  • Day 3: TTT students teach Low Voltage Lessons (Specific Assignments)
  • Day 4: TTT students teach any remaining LV and High Voltage Lessons (Specific Assignments) AND load training files on your laptop to make sure everything works properly

Each lesson is a 15-minute segment of our courses. We will have a laptop set up for students with all of the lessons included, and you will present your lesson as it comes in sequence.

During class everyone (student and trainers) will be completing evaluations on student presenters to provide feedback for improvement. We will also be providing you with a video of you presenting.