Shahid Jamil

Electrical Safety Consultant

Shahid Jamil is a professional engineer, a B.Sc. (Engg.), and M.Sc. (Engg.) with several years of experience with two major multinational petrochemical companies. He has developed four Electrical Safety Best Practices (Electrical Safety-Related Work Practices, Protection from Arc Flash Hazards, Safety by Design, and Guidelines for Electrical Safety) that are being used by several refineries and chemical plants around the world.

Shahid has also carried out interpretation and implementation of NFPA 70E, OSHA 1910.119, OSHA 1910.147, OSHA 1910.331-.335, OSHA 1910.269, etc., at the largest multinational petrochemical company’s North American chemical plants and refineries.

Shahid has co-authored 21 electrical safety and technical papers and received three ''Best Paper” and one “Third Best Paper” awards from IEEE/PCIC/USA and IEEE/PCIC/Europe, and one ''Top Three Electrical Safety Presentation'' award from IEEE Electrical Safety Workshop..