Roger Zieg

Electrical Safety Consultant

Roger Zieg joined e-Hazard in 2019 as an electrical safety instructor after 30 years of experience in the electrical field. As a contractor he has installed and troubleshot electrical systems in industrial, commercial, residential and agricultural settings. He has also worked as an electrical and maintenance employee on low voltage systems at companies including C&S Products, Unicco and Cargill. Roger has extensive experience in electrical safety and NEC training, including 15 years with Lewellyn Technology and more recently at NTT Training, with classes in Basic Electricity, Arc Flash and 70E, NEC and water/wastewater controls.

He has taught electricity and maintenance courses at several community colleges, and put together a Lockout/Tagout program for a $100 million expansion project for Kellogg’s in Omaha, NE. He has a bachelor’s degree from Dana College in Nebraska and an electrician technical degree from Western Iowa Tech Community College. He is a licensed electrical contractor in Nebraska.