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This section of our website is dedicated to helping electrical workers and professionals with training, educational opportunities, and relevant and accurate information. e-Hazard has articles, videos, and information on state funding and programs for electrical safety training.


We have dozens of articles on arc flash training, proper PPE, hazard warning labels, clothing requirements, safety habits for the workplace, and much more. Most articles are written by the trainers of e-Hazard and have been published in magazines or other electrical industry publications.


Our library of resources includes a growing collection of arc flash and electrical safety training videos. We also have reviews on products, footage of electrical incidents, arc flash testing, and more.

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Take a look at our free arc flash training standards and guides.

State Training Funds

We have put together a solid list of resources organized by state for your convenience. Here you will find a useful list of grants and funding for training programs, employment opportunities, contact information and more.


We have put together a list of common terms and phrases used in the electrical industry. This resource is useful for professionals and people who work around electricity.

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Our collection of white papers on electrical safety audits, arc flash labels, information on clothing used in the electrical industry, and more. Review and download our PDFs for your convenience.

Electrical Safety Q&A

We get questions all the time about various electrical safety issues. "What are the qualifications for this?" "What is the right equipment for that?" At e-Hazard, we pride ourselves on offering comprehensive electrical safety training with the most knowledgeable authorities in the industry. Our Q&A section is designed to provide access to resources related to electrical safety concerns utilizing our highly qualified industry experts.

About Arc Flashes

What is an Arc Flash? An arc flash (or arc blast) has been defined as a complex electrical explosion resulting from a low-impedance connection to a voltage phase in an electrical system. It has the potential to cause substantial damage, fire, injury, or death.

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