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Arc Flash Resources

We've gathered the resources necessary to stay informed on all things arc flash safety for your convenience. From safety articles and archived webinars to state funding resources and our published papers, relevant and accurate information is at your fingertips.
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Our video library includes a growing collection of arc flash and electrical safety training videos. Product reviews, footage of electrical incidents, arc flash testing, and more are also included.
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Thousands of people in the electrical safety industry have attended webinars led by Hugh Hoagland of e-Hazard. Here you will find upcoming and archived, on-demand Webinars and PowerPoint notes from the presentations.
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We have dozens of articles on arc flash training, PPE, hazard warning labels, clothing requirements, safety habits for the workplace, and much more. Many articles are written by the trainers of e-Hazard and several have been published in magazines or other electrical industry publications.
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Subscribe to our monthly e-newsletter, ArcNews, and stay on top of industry changes, OSHA citations, Q&A, arc-rated clothing issues, breaking news, product reviews, and more. e-Hazard is committed to keeping you up to date on electrical safety.
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Here is a solid list of electrical safety resources organized by state for your convenience. You will find a useful list of grants and funding for training programs, employment opportunities, contact information and more.
Electrical safety training standards and guides icon
e-Hazard maintains a valuable listing of free resources relating to arc flash training standards and guides. We have gathered an informative collection of industry Standards and Guides for your reference and convenience
Electrical safety glossary icon
Our glossary is a handy tool for people who work around electricity in any industry. We have put together a list of common terms and phrases related to electrical safety for your convenience.
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Have a question? We get them all the time about various electrical safety issues. "What are the qualifications for this?" "What is the right equipment for that?" Our Q&A section is designed to provide the answers to your electrical safety concerns with the help of our highly qualified industry experts.
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We've gathered our collection of white papers on electrical safety audits, arc flash labels, clothing used in the electrical industry, and more in one convenient place. Review and download our PDFs for your convenience.
Electrical safety training decision chart icon
Our quick decision chart will help you make the best decision about which services are right for your company's electrical safety needs. We give you criteria to apply to your situation and help make determining your next step in training easy.
Scholarships for electrical safety training icon
A convenient list of scholarships available to those meeting eligibility as related to the electrical safety industry and electrical safety training.
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Everything you need to know about the electrical arc flash starting with the basics. From the definition of an arc flash to how you can protect your workforce and what it takes to stay in compliance, this is the place to start.
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Reveiw our page of frequently asked questions (FAQ) to assist training materials, student issues, logistics, and more. If you don't see your question, contact us for help.
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e-Hazard participates in select expos each year. If you're attending one, stop by to meet our instructors and talk about arc flash training, electrical safety audits, and arc flash studies.

Arc Flash Videos

See demonstrations of actual arc flash testing as well as product reviews and updates on the latest electrical safety regulations. Videos remain in our archives for on-demand viewing and reference.

Arc Flash Related Articles

Look through our extensive library of articles and papers written by our trainers, the leading experts in the electrical safety industry. Many of the articles included have been recognized in publications or by electrical safety organizations. Our team of world-renowned experts have contributed many of this valuable information.